Social Responsibility

You, Me, Us………We All Have a Social Responsibility

At Influenstar we are committed to looking after and protecting our planet for our future generations.  We are an eco-friendly brand. 

Social Responsibility falls to us all. We are doing our bit to be kinder to the planet, more responsible and more sustainable by using 925 recycled silver.  This just means all our silver jewellery has had a previous life.

Recycled silver omits the damaging mining and refining processes of extracting silver from the earth, by skipping this process we will help create less waste, cut down on C02 , reduce water usage and other environmental impacts. We can help save the planet  without compromising the quality and durability of our jewellery!

Our jewellery is presented in our Influenstar Eco Signature box.  The paper used in these contains residues from organic products, which replace 15% of the wood pulp. For our boxes, a by-product from corn production is used. The glue is water-based.  

Our jewellery box is a FSC®certified products / FSC Mix 70%.

Our Influenstar tribe can feel happy in the knowledge that wearing our jewellery we are doing all we can as a business to help reduce our environmental footprint.